Mentor Awardees

Mentor Awardees

Officer Clayton Turner, Coach William “Woody” Woodruff, Fred Jones, Leonard Draper Sr.

Congratulations to our 2019 Citizen Mentor Honorees. Each year, the Tarik Black Foundation presents four awards to citizens who inspire, encourage, and support youth. This year’s recipients were honored during the closing luncheon for SPORTS CAREERS interns. The awards are named after the inaugural recipients. This year’s honorees are Officer Clayton Turner – Sgt. Byron Johnson Neighborhood Officer Role Model Award Coach William “Woody” Woodruff – Wesley Henning Northern Star Award Fred Jones – Willie Gregory Touchstone Award Leonard Draper Sr. – Leonard Draper Jr. Guiding Hand Award. 

The Citizen Mentor Awards were created to recognize and encourage individuals to take the time to mentor and support youth. The four men for which the awards are named were men that mentored Tarik as he was growing up. “Sgt. Johnson, Coach Henning, Mr. Draper, and Mr. Gregory offered me guidance and wisdom. I owe a lot to these men for helping to shape my values, encouraging me to grow in character, and pushing me to work hard – never give up,” said Tarik. “This year’s honorees share the same qualities and we are pleased to acknowledge how much they have contributed to the community and the hundreds — if not thousands — of young lives they’ve positively touched and continue to touch.”

TBF asks public to support their mission on Giving Tuesday Nov. 27th

TBF asks public to support their mission on Giving Tuesday Nov. 27th

Foundation to conduct awareness campaign through end of year.

Memphis—Nov. 9  The Tarik Black Foundation looks forward to participating in the 2018 Giving Tuesday Campaign. Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement that encourages the public to contribute to charities they wish to support on this day.

In the days leading up to the campaign, the foundation will conduct a social media awareness campaign to help the public understand the foundation’s mission and vision for the future.

“We are using this month leading up to Giving Tuesday to inform people about who we are and our mission of providing programs for youth that build character, instill values and teach life skills,” said Judith Moore, President.

Moore says that this campaign is as much about getting people acquainted with the organization as it is about raising funds.

As the TBF enters its third year, foundation leaders feel it’s time to focus on publicizing their cause and vision. “The first two years we were more focused on establishing our programs, seating a board and creating the infrastructure needed to support our work,” said Moore. “With two camps up and running and having hosted many activities in Memphis, Houston and Los Angeles, we are ready to more actively seek public support.

The foundation’s campaign will kick-off with a message from Tarik Black, CEO and Founder of TBF. He will post his message from Israel where he is currently playing for Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv basketball team. Board members and staff will then help spread the word via their posts the remainder of the month.

Moore says this campaign will continue after Giving Tuesday until the end of the year. Giving Tuesday is an annual event with global reach.

Tarik Black Announces Details on TRANSFORMATION50 Basketball & Life Skills Camp and Awards to Memphis Area Coaches

(Memphis, TN – April 20, 2017) NBA Los Angeles Laker Tarik Black promised his hometown, Memphis, TN, that he would come home and give back to the community that he loves. Today, at a press conference, Black announced the details of the inaugural TRANSFORMATION50 Basketball and Life Skills camp. More than 50 Memphis area coaches and students attended the event at Streets Ministries.

Black and his mother, president of the Tarik Black Foundation, Judith Moore, shared information about the camp and the direction of the organization. “Ten years after hearing Magic Johnson discuss basketball as being a vehicle to accomplish many of things he wanted to do, I’m following my vision of starting this foundation to make an impact in my community,” said Black.

“Today, we start with these coaches and their nominations for participants in the 1st TRANSFORMATION50 Basketball and Life Skills camp for male players 11-15. It’s not just about basketball for me, it’s about our campers obtaining other life experiences.”

The culminating even for the camp will be an awards gala. Four individuals who have had a major impact on Tarik’s life were introduced at the press conference and awards in their honor will be given at the gala.


  • Byron Johnson- Neighborhood Officer Role Model (NORM) Award: The police officer receiving this award goes beyond the call of duty.
  • Leonard Draper Award- Guiding Hand Award: Given to someone who has stepped into a young man’s life and provided guidance, mentorship and counseling.
  • Wesley Henning – Northern Star Award: This award will go to someone who has touched the lives of groups of young men.
  • Willie Gregory Award: Touchstone Award: This award will be given to someone who sets an example- an adult who young men look up to and want to emulate that’s a positive role model and upstanding citizen.

The TRANSFORMATION50 CAMP is July 10-14, 2017 at Ridgway High School in Memphis, TN. For more information on the foundation or camp, visit


The Tarik Black Foundation was founded by Tarik Black, a NBA Association and Los Angeles Laker player.  The Memphis native, who graduated from Ridgeway High School, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis and his master’s degree from the University of Kansas. The Tarik Black Foundation, headquartered in Black’s hometown, Memphis, TN provides programs and recognizes causes that offer help bring about positive change in communities. The foundation is managed by Judith Black Moore who serves as president and oversees day-to-day operations.

NBA Star from Memphis Begins To Give Back In More Ways Than One

LA Laker Tarik Black establishes foundation and basketball camp.

Transforming lives through community service is one focus of the newly established Tarik Black Foundation. The Memphis native is the definition of a success story. Most are aware of Black’s abilities on the basketball court but few know just how serious he takes education and giving back to his community.

The Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward/Center launched the Tarik Black Foundation in January of this year. “Through positive mentorship, we’re striving to inspire underserved youth to become visionaries,” says Black. “We want to encourage them to explore and engage beyond where they are today. The foundation will be looking for ways to partner with other organizations and agencies that align with our mission. We are hoping local companies and agencies will work with us to offer character-building programs that give youth positive life skills and memorable experiences through athletic, health, education and social programs,” said Black, who serves as Chief Executive Officer for the foundation.

Judith Black Moore, mother of Tarik Black, will serve as President of the foundation. She will run the day-to-day activities of the foundation and work with Black and the Board of Directors on new programs.

“The vision for this foundation is one that my mother and I have shared since I dreamed of playing at the NBA level. I’ve been blessed to experience my dream, so I want to do my part in transforming young lives in the Memphis community and anywhere I go I’m committed to my hometown, though, so my foundation is here where my mother will take the lead in executing my vision,” said Black.

The first foundation program is the TRANSFORMATION50 Basketball and Life Skills Camp. It will take place in Memphis, July 10-13, 2017. This program is targeting boys between the ages of 11-15. Coaches will recommend players for this camp that will accept 50 players this year. The nomination packets should be received by April 1, 2017.

This basketball camp will be unlike most camps wherein basketball skills are secondary, he plans to teach these students life skills such as financial responsibility, proper etiquette, and conflict resolution.

About theTarik Black Foundation

The Tarik Black Foundation was founded by National Basketball Association player and Los Angeles Laker Tarik Black. The Memphis native, who graduated from Ridgeway High School, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis and his master’s degree from the University of Kansas. The Tarik Black Foundation, headquartered in Black’s hometown, Memphis, TN, provides programs and recognizes causes that help bring about positive change in communities. The foundation is managed by Judith Black Moore who serves as president and oversees day-to-day operations.