TBF offers older teens tools for

building a fulfilling adult life

Sports Careers and Summer GLAM interns were paid by Memphis MPLOY while participating in these two life skills programs. Young men took part in sessions and field trips to explore sports industry professions.

Young ladies in the Summer GLAM internship learned life skills focused on leadership and supporting personal development.

Both programs reflect our commitment to partner and collaborate with community organizations and national partners. By doing so, we  give young people access to relevant viewpoints and exposure to concepts that matter. In the end, they understand the impact of choices and leave with tools for making smart decisions. 

Our information-rich programs prepare youth to become successful adults.

We provide outlets for mentoring. Positive role models and enlightening experiences offer youth the chance to receive good information about being responsible adults. This investment in their future will pay off as they make important decisions – some that can positively or negatively change their lives forever.

We help youth grow in self-esteem which plays a big part in overall well-being. When youth understand and appreciate their uniqueness, finding their place in the world can be a gratifying exploration that is not so overwhelming. This positive approach to life leads to good emotional health which is a major driver of health overall.


S U M M E R  2 0 1 9  
S U M M E R  L E A D E R S 

Levi Frazier – Playwright, author and co-founder of Blues City Cultural Center, author of Man Up!  and stage production Big TEN (book and play featured during program)

John Prater – Praters Sports Flooring, Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Gail Hayes – Author of The Conduct of Kings, Raleigh, NC

Memphis Red Birds Operations Tour

Samuel Edwards – Sports Photography

Zebulum Rushing – Haberdasher, James Davis Clothing Store

Roby Williams – CEO, Black Business Association

FedEx Forum Operations Tour

Tony Banks – Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare

Larry Robinson – R & R Sports

Justin Broddie – ALSAC/St. Jude Sports Marketing

Tim Green – The Dividend

Arian Green – Playvision App Developer, Cincinnati, OH

Thomas Walker – Civic Responsibility

Jon Marshall – Sports News Personality

Willie Gregory – Nike Distribution Center

Patrick O’Connor – Duncan-Williams Investments

Elliott Perry – Art Collecting

Steven Jackson – Personal Banking, Regions Bank

Chef Phillip Dewayne – Executive Chef/ Caterer (Catering for Athletes)

Robert Anderson – Professional Sports Team Attorney, LA Lakers, Los Angeles

Justin Maclin – Author, HUSTLE – Having Unlimited Success Through Life-changing Experiences, Los Angeles

Aryen Moore Alston Food Network Award-winning chef, owner Sweet Potato Baby catering

Gabrielle Christina Hayes, A Young Author – Advocate for Nonbullying and Teen Self Awareness – Raleigh, NC (featured author)

Dr. Gail Hayes, Founder of Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Zone, Author, Motivational Speaker – Raleigh, NC (featured author)

Jennifer McDaniel, CEO of Worthy of Health, Professional Life Coach – Houston, TX

Sandra Ferrell, Executive Director, Lisieux Community – Advocates for Women Survivors of Human Trafficking

Dr. Angela Watson, Internal Medicine

Dr. Rosalyn Nichols, Founder of A More Excellent Way, Inc., Pastor Freedom’s Chapel DOC Church – Memphis, TN

Kathy Cowan, Quilt Maker, Seamstress

Barbara Cole, Quilt Maker, Seamstress

Carolyn Hardy, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Community Investor, Author of Look Up! (Featured reading)

Nancy Wells, Community Development Officer, Paragon Bank

Latrivia Nelson, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

Jackie Oselen, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher & Wellness Advocate

Tami Sawyer, Shelby County Commissioner

Memphis Light Gas Water, hosted by Beverly Perkins, Corporate Social Responsibility

Angela Hudson, NP, Nurse Practitioner

Kelli Cook, Television News Personality

Audrey Okhiria, Investment Counselor – Regions Bank

Thank you, Corporate Supporters: