We tell athletes they need an alternative career in mind as they pursue their dream to play sports professionally. While young men who love sports but are not athletically inclined most often think they have no future in this industry. To offer ideas for alternatives to actually playing a sport, Tarik Black Foundation (TBF) this summer will introduce a paid internship designed to offer ideas for “Plan B” sports-related careers.

The internship is for 15 male teens who have signed up for employment with the City of Memphis’ summer youth employment program, MPLOY. Interns will be assigned to the Plan B internship program by officials in the Youth Services Division during their annual job fair for MPLOY participants.

“We hope every young man who wants to be a professional athlete or pursue another “dream” job gets that chance, but we want them to have a second choice in mind – one that they can be equally as excited to pursue,” explains Tarik Black, foundation founder.

As a pro athlete, Tarik interfaces with many professionals that support him personally and in addition, there are hundreds of services and products that support the industry as a whole. This includes technical, medical, scientific, communications, and business professionals as well as skilled laborers who keep this industry going. Plan B interns will get to learn about some of these jobs through mentoring sessions and exploratory field trips.

In addition, interns will participate in various character education and life skills activities which is always an essential component of programs provided by TBF. The paid internship is six weeks, June 3 – July 11, 2019.

Male teens who applied in December 2018 and have been hired for the 2019 MPLOY Experience may express an interest in being considered for the Plan B Internship during the spring MPLOY job fair.