Taking Back The Future Academies

Get ready to step into the future well informed, well rounded, and well prepared.


GLAM (Girls Life Academy Memphis) and BEAM (Boys Enlightenment Academy Memphis) for ages 12 – 17 are self-empowerment programs where practical information for creating a fulfilling life is shared. Activities teach smart health and wealth habits while demonstrating how global thinking and being tech-savvy set the stage for future success.

With an elevated awareness of how our choices can result in gratification or devastation, GLAM and BEAM participants are inspired to stay well informed, well rounded and well prepared as they navigate the future.

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Participants are assigned to Taking Back The Future GLAM and BEAM programs by MPLOY summer youth employment programs. For information about applying for MPLOY visit https://www.cityofmemphisyouth.org/mploy-youth.


Watch what GLAM and BEAM participants experience during Taking Back The Future sessions.

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