Global Access and Exposure

Virtual classes like the one presented to our campers by 4Ocean about global ocean clean up elevate and broaden how youth consider their place in the future. Most youth in our programs have never left the United States. We offer global adventures to inspire curiosity about the world beyond what they know.

We bring together youth of different places, ethnicities and beliefs to discuss the issues of the day.


Our goal is to encourage critical thinking and inspire global mindedness. This is what happens during our International Social Justice Youth Exchange each year. It is a virtual think tank for selected students from Memphis Ambassadors Program (MAP) and Givat Haviva International School in Tel Aviv, Israel.

MAP youth have explored issues of social justice with students from places around the globe including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Jerusalem, Israel, Palestine, Liberia, and Norway.

Session leaders like Taijaune Robinson allow youth to envision building a fulfilling life.

Taking Back The Future requires giving youth the insight needed to take on the world. Watch this global education camp session about international travel.

TBF presents global events like the Global Sports Tech Youth Challenge to connect local youth organizations with international businesses and high-profile officials. These collaborations give youth leaders global education resources to prepare young people for working, living, and competing in an ever-increasing global society.

TBF engages local, national, and international people and organizations to help students discover ways to live a life that positively impacts humanity worldwide.