Are you looking for an empowering and enriching experience for your high school-aged boys? Look no further! Taking Back the Future is a transformative six-week life education camp designed to inspire young men to seize their future with confidence and purpose.

Pause for just a moment and observe the world around you. It’s clear: without immediate intervention, we face the unsettling prospect of losing the next generation to the consequences of poor decisions, misguided judgment, and a critical shortage of essential life skills and guidance.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s more important than ever to equip our youth with the knowledge and skills they need to make smart choices and wise decisions. That’s why our camp focuses on a holistic approach to education, covering essential areas such as character building, health, financial literacy, humanities, and technology.

At Taking Back The Future camp, our life educators are not just instructors; they are members of our own community who generously volunteer their time, expertise, and personal stories to inspire and guide our campers.

Partnering with local nonprofits, agencies, and businesses, we offer a diverse range of activities, field trips, and events designed to broaden horizons and ignite imaginations.

Campers chat with successful entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, talented artists, skilled trade workers, dedicated military officers, and respected local officials. These individuals don’t just share information; they impart invaluable life skills and instill the belief that no dream is too big to chase.

MPLOY Summer Interns

The City of Memphis Office of Youth Services provides male interns ages 16 -18 who have applied for MPLOY summer employment, an opportunity to select attending our camp. We encourage interested MPLOY applicants to request to participate in Tarik Black Foundation’s camp after applying. MPLOY pays their interns while attending our camp. For information about applying for MPLOY summer employment, visit City of Memphis Youth Services Offices. The MPLOY application process opens in November and closes December 31st each year.

For non-MPLOY Campers

Boys 14 – 15 can take part in Taking Back The Future Camp without being an MPLOY intern.
There are openings for the first 15 boys who register and pay the $100 deposit to secure their space. For non-MPLOY campers the cost for camp is $500 and the $100 deposit. This covers all camps costs including field trips and supplies for special activities.

2024 Camp Schedule

Camp begins: June 3
Camp ends: July 13
(No Camp Juneteenth and July 4th )

MPLOY Interns Camp Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Non-MPLOY Campers

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Extended Hours until 5:30 pm

*All participants are required to arrive by 8:30 am and remain until 3:30 pm due to field trips and other life skill activities.

For more camp details and registrations visit Tarik Black Foundation Taking Back The Future on Eventbrite.

Summer 2024 Registration Opens March 15, 2024 until camp is full. For more information contact judith@tarikblackfoundation.org or call (901) 497-6634.