Summer GLAM (Girls’ Life Academy Memphis) is a camp for 25 girls that’s actually a summer job made possible through our  business partnership with the City of Memphis.

The City of Memphis’ Summer Youth MPloy program employs the girls selected for Summer GLAM. The TBF then sponsors and provides the camp site and curriculum which is made up of GLAM Sessions where organizations and professionals share information that prepare campers for making smart life decisions. GLAM Sessions have included interactive workshops on obtaining utility services, preparing a healthy meal, buying a car, understanding an apartment lease, building a professional wardrobe, public speaking, and budget planning. These are just some of the activities provided during the Summer GLAM camp. The camp is six weeks and runs in conjunction with the Mploy program summer employment schedule. To be considered for Summer GLAM, girls 16- 19 must apply for the City of Memphis’ Summer Youth Mploy program (Contact City of Memphis to apply for the Summer Youth Mploy program). During the Summer Youth Mploy job fair in the spring, interested girls can apply specifically for Summer GLAM. Only applicants selected by the City of Memphis’ Mploy program for Summer GLAM can participate.