When COVID-19 brought schools to an abrupt closing in March, thousands of Shelby County Schools students found themselves at home without access to the technology for continuing classwork. As part of Tarik Black Foundation’s launch into Taking Back the Future, we partnered with Urban Strategies to help in filling this crucial need.  

Thanks to generous donors contributing to our Laptop for Students drive, we provided 14 students with digital devices. Urban Strategies delivered this technology and ensured each had access to WiFi. “Access to technology is one of the anchors of our rebrand mission,” said Judith Moore, TBF president. “We were glad that we could make a contribution to this effort.”

Taking Back the Future is about collaborations and partnership to provide programs that give youth access to information and exposure to new ideas. Four anchors drive our mission:

Wealth Creation, Health Awareness, Global Collaborations and Technology Impact.

Our Vision: A world where youth are well informed, well-rounded and well prepared for the future.