Matching player grant will support Taking Back The Future programs   

The National Basketball Players Association Foundation (NBPA) has given Tarik Black Foundation a player matching grant to support TBF’s Taking Back The Future summer camp and afterschool programs.  

Since 2017, Tarik Black Foundation (TBF) has received three NBPA Foundation grants. This continued support has provided funding for camps, internships and events.  

Black’s national and international access to knowledge-based resources has allowed TBF programs to give young people exposure [literally] to the world. NBPA Foundation funding will help TBF expand its reach so that it can offer more innovative programs that elevate understanding of life concepts. Taking Back The Future curriculum is anchored by four practical concepts: healthy habits, wealth creation, global diversity and technology impact.  

“We believe centering education around our anchor concepts provides young people a solid foundation for building their future – a future threatened by COVID-19,” explains Judith Moore, TBF president. “The most vulnerable have been people with pre-existing health issues. People with substantive financial resources have weathered the storm with the least life disruptions. Technology has kept us resilient and moving ahead despite the world shutting down.” Moore says that heighten awareness due to the pandemic makes enhancing education in these areas critically important. 

Recognizing how empowering a grasp on their anchor concepts can be for young people, TBF works to cultivate dynamic partnerships that ensure impactful and engaging programs. “Our financial partners provide the resources we need for offering robust learning experiences. We are grateful that NBPA continues to be a partner,” says Moore. To learn more visit