The City of Memphis MPLOY Program named the Tarik Black Foundation Best Community Partner for 2019. The award was presented during MPLOY’s closing summer event at the Cannon Center.  

This summer, the Tarik Black Foundation provided summer employment for 50 interns who were hired by MPLOY and assigned to the foundation. This was the largest number of interns assigned to any MPLOY business partner. There were 25 young men and 27 young ladies hired to participate as interns (two former Summer GLAM interns returned as junior counselors).

This was the second year for the Tarik Black Foundation and MPLOY business partnership. “We are honored to have been selected for the Best Community Partner Award. More importantly, we are pleased to have had 50 young people attend either SPORTS CAREERS or Summer GLAM,” said Judith Moore, TBF President. “We had a wonderful group of interns coming from MPLOY. We look forward to continuing this partnership. “

MPLOY provides summer employment for thousands of youth each year. The program is managed by the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services.