A summer camp where kids get real-world education in real fun ways

A summer camp where kids get real-world education in real fun ways

Create a future in which you live well is the idea behind Taking Back The Future camp

(MEMPHIS,TN-April 19)Taking Back The Future summer camp is innovational learning offering tools for living well. Kids will learn habits for living healthy and building wealth, as well as prepare to navigate a future more globalized and technology-driven than ever.  Expect boundless fun but a limited number of spaces due to COVID-19 safety measures. The two sessions are limited to 15 campers ages 12-14.

Tarik Black Foundation’s Taking Back The Future focuses on four concepts: Healthy Habits, Wealth Creation, Global Diversity and Technology Impact. “We want to elevate young people’s understanding of the world and prepare them to thrive in the most important aspects of life. This has always been our focus. Taking Back The Future is how we are connecting the education we offer with the world’s new reality,” said Judith Black Moore, Tarik Black Foundation (TBF) president.

 To achieve its new programming goals TBF in collaborating with a host of experts including LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis Light Gas Water, along with international knowledge contributors at Nike Innovation in Tel Aviv, Lyfta – an immersive global education platform headquartered in The UK and Finland and a host of other subject matter professionals.  Even kids have contributed their ideas and insight as part of a youth advisory group.

Church of the Holy Communion in East Memphis is generously providing space for the three-weekly in- person camp days. Two days will be camp-at home (virtual). Activities will involve exercise physiology, chess classes, wealth creation; global “fieldtrips” and adventures that take campers behind-the-scenes to explore technology in a variety of industries including athletic shoe design.

Session One is June 21 – July 9. Session Two is July 11 – 30. Read more about Taking Back The Future summer camp including cost, COVID-19 safety measures and how to apply.      

Tarik Black Foundation receives National Basketball Players Association Foundation Grant

Tarik Black Foundation receives National Basketball Players Association Foundation Grant

Matching player grant will support Taking Back The Future programs   

The National Basketball Players Association Foundation (NBPA) has given Tarik Black Foundation a player matching grant to support TBF’s Taking Back The Future summer camp and afterschool programs.  

Since 2017, Tarik Black Foundation (TBF) has received three NBPA Foundation grants. This continued support has provided funding for camps, internships and events.  

Black’s national and international access to knowledge-based resources has allowed TBF programs to give young people exposure [literally] to the world. NBPA Foundation funding will help TBF expand its reach so that it can offer more innovative programs that elevate understanding of life concepts. Taking Back The Future curriculum is anchored by four practical concepts: healthy habits, wealth creation, global diversity and technology impact.  

“We believe centering education around our anchor concepts provides young people a solid foundation for building their future – a future threatened by COVID-19,” explains Judith Moore, TBF president. “The most vulnerable have been people with pre-existing health issues. People with substantive financial resources have weathered the storm with the least life disruptions. Technology has kept us resilient and moving ahead despite the world shutting down.” Moore says that heighten awareness due to the pandemic makes enhancing education in these areas critically important. 

Recognizing how empowering a grasp on their anchor concepts can be for young people, TBF works to cultivate dynamic partnerships that ensure impactful and engaging programs. “Our financial partners provide the resources we need for offering robust learning experiences. We are grateful that NBPA continues to be a partner,” says Moore. To learn more visit tarikblackfoundation.org. 



COVID-19 is the first global event most of us have ever experienced. In the long term, Gen— Zs will be impacted most by this world crisis. More than ever, technology is powering our lives giving us greater access to the world. Youth who are technology savvy and globally conscious have a broader point-of-view. This exposure promotes critical thinking – a key skill they will need for successfully shaping the future in an unprecedented world.

TBF featured at Sports Tech Summit in Tel Aviv

TBF featured at Sports Tech Summit in Tel Aviv

International exposure gives access to future program possibilities

TBF was proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 International Sports Tech Nation Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel this past fall. As part of TBF’s strategic plan for rebranding, we are partnering with global technology brands, especially those in sports. Through developing international and U. S. partnerships, we look to offer youth in our programs unique opportunities to learn about technology and sports. Tim Green, TBF director of boys’ programs was a featured speaker at the summit where he spoke to nearly 400 international delegates attending this global summit about our plans for the future. Thanks to TBF founder and CEO, Tarik Black who is the starting center for Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv, for forging this opportunity.

Taking Back the Future provides technology for studying at home

Taking Back the Future provides technology for studying at home

When COVID-19 brought schools to an abrupt closing in March, thousands of Shelby County Schools students found themselves at home without access to the technology for continuing classwork. As part of Tarik Black Foundation’s launch into Taking Back the Future, we partnered with Urban Strategies to help in filling this crucial need.  

Thanks to generous donors contributing to our Laptop for Students drive, we provided 14 students with digital devices. Urban Strategies delivered this technology and ensured each had access to WiFi. “Access to technology is one of the anchors of our rebrand mission,” said Judith Moore, TBF president. “We were glad that we could make a contribution to this effort.”

Taking Back the Future is about collaborations and partnership to provide programs that give youth access to information and exposure to new ideas. Four anchors drive our mission:

Wealth Creation, Health Awareness, Global Collaborations and Technology Impact.

Our Vision: A world where youth are well informed, well-rounded and well prepared for the future.